Sacred Architecture 


Xujiahui Cathedral Church also referred as St. Ignatius Cathedral of Shanghai (St. Ignatius Cathedral )  which is a Gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral. Xujiahui Cathedral Church is designed by architect William Doyle ,it's once known as "the grandest cathedral in the Far East". 


People visit holy places for a variety of reasons. Usually they go to feel connected to something beyong themselves and their everyday life, to get in touch with another realm. Value of a sacred sites such as the quality of silence are absolutely essential.  The church is located in the middle of this noisy busy city , hence silence become an importance part of wilderness experience for the visitors.


According to christian belief, the rising sun from the east is a symbol that the resurrection of the savior and of Jesus second coming. The following quote by St. John Damanscene regarding the Eastern direction :- "At His ascent into Heaven He went to the East, and so do the Apostles saw Him going, and so the Lord Himself says : As the lightning comes forth from the East and shines even to the West , so shall the coming of the Son of Man be" Since we wait for Him , we pray towards the East. This is the unwritten tradition of the Apostles " (St John Damascene ;c.675-c.749)

The orientatied East West church is a symbolism of the faithful from the darkness of the sin into the light of truth accroding the christian believe.The church are designed traditionally with ornaments to portray an impression of heavenly earth and impression of sacred place. Liturgical symbols are a way of communication and reminder of churches rituals to the believers. 


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